Direct Campus International - DCI

DCI is a professional education consulting institution in Sri Lanka; it is representing the best universities and colleges locally and internationally being a one stop campus for all enquiries and providing up to date information.

Providing higher educational advice and student support services, DCI is a pioneering campus in Sri Lanka in finding best pathways in reputed and globally recognized universities abroad for students to study, work and migrate with international recognition. Its network of representatives extends to European countries as well.

For any student studying abroad needs a great guidance of planning and preparation hence we guide and monitor students throughout the process and provide practical advice on all arrangements.

As per our motto "Producing Demanded and Everlasting Apex Professionals" we are very keen to find demanded programmes through experts. Our experienced, professionally qualified and trained counselors guide students to choose programmes that serve long term carrier goals.

Our personalized services to our student are not limited within their home country, but also are extended all the way until the overall overseas experience. At the meantime we support our graduates to find a placement in reputed firms in both government and privet sector.

DCI has highly experienced and qualified experts, a brilliant management team and staff, excellent environment and a conducing atmosphere to get career guidance. Presently, DCI is one of the leading education consulting firms in the country that has been maintaining its high standards and produces top class graduates for the global job market.


"To be a top education service provider in the region with the global recognition."


"To provide students with a good grounding in choosing their fields of studies, prepare them for top-level positions in their chosen field and to stimulate the students for a living and life-long learning desire."


In an effort to achieve the Direct Campus International (DCI) mission, we strive to fulfill the following objectives to ensure the quality of our services.
  • To provide a relevant and coherent general education and vocational training for all students.
  • To provide transfer programs for students who planning to continue their education at overseas institution.
  • To provide career programs to prepare students to enter the workforce and meet employer's needs.
  • To provide courses and programs those encourage lifelong learning and are responsive to the needs of business and industry.
  • To develop, encourage, and support effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To provide appropriate training services for all levels of students both in local and overseas that ensure success throughout the students' career.
  • To act as a platform for researchers to conduct studies of professional standards while accessing a rich network of local and international linkage.
  • To trade stationaries and computer accessories and other educational utilities for the benefits of the teaching and learning process.

Board of Directors

Prof. MLA. Caderinfo
CHAIRMAN (Founder Vice Chancellor, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka)

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Prof. MLA. Caderclose

(Founder Vice Chancellor, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka)

Senior Academic Consultant Prof. Cader is an educationists studied locally and in Australia. Throughout his career as a Professor in the university he has given much in term of ideas, research and treatises.

As a founder Vice Chancellor of South-Eastern University of Sri Lanka Prof. Cader worked hard in every aspect of the development activities and made it as an innovative and leading university in the country. He took a challenge to make the dream into reality by building such a huge higher education institution in its all phases and to serve the community in the sphere of education.

Further, Prof. Cader is a researcher and writer on ethnic issues, history, politics and education. He is a consultant and advisor for many institutions and eminent personalities.

Mr. Risdy Sheriffinfo
Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Risdy Sheriffclose

(Chief Executive Officer

MS Mohamed Risdy is a Senior Education Consultant and Project Manager and posses fifteen years of experience in the higher educational institutions. Project Formulation & Framework, Time & Cost Management, Implementation & Quality Assurance, Project Monitoring, Coordination and Overall Management of the projects are the key areas of expertness. He has experience of working with Foreign Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in terms of Collaboration, Franchise, Creating Linkage for Student & Staff exchange and Student Recruitment.