What We Do?

To be a top education service provider in the region with the global recognition.


Study in Sri Lanka & Abroad

DCI is a professional educational consulting institution in Sri Lanka; it is representing the best universities and colleges locally and internationally being a one stop campus for all enquiries and providing up to date information.


Higher Educational Institution Development Consultancy

DCI works closely with public and private higher education institutions to develop high-quality academic programs, administrative system and in cooperation with appropriate governmental, nongovernmental organizations and corporations.


Training & Skills Development

You might see us conducting Management Training, Consultancy Services, Business Strategy, Culture Change, Soft Skill Development, Employee Engagement, Providing Psychometric and HR tools, etc in Sri Lanka and Abroad.


Businesses Consultation

DCI Business Consultancy Services have the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and develop people and organizations. DCI provides new and existing businesses with a wide range of business development solutions.


Research & Thesis Consultation

Most of the students and researchers are getting struck while doing their dissertation/research without meaningful guidance; we provide the right amount of support for them to get over that wall, so they may keep moving toward dissertation completion and graduation.


IT Solutions

We offer everything you need to face your challenges head-on — from top brands to customized IT services such as Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablets, Printers & Supplies, Software, Storages, Memory, Network, Server etc.